"We believe in doing the right thing through higher standards and integrity"

About Aspen Contracting Inc.

Our company ranks among the best of the best roofing companies nationwide. Our headquarters are located in the Kansas City area (Lee's Summit) with local offices nationwide. Licensed and insured, Aspen Contracting is trusted to restore, repair, or build any damaged roof, siding and gutters for residential, new construction, and commercial properties. Our phone number is 877-784-ROOF.

Aspen Contracting received its name from the Aspen tree because its resilient, deep roots. These roots can survive natural disasters such as fires, floods, storms and ice. The roots of the Aspen tree have been known to be the longest living organism, lasting more than 80,000 years. The Aspen trees lend leading roots to each other to help when they are in need. This is symbolic for a company that will never disappear and will always help. Aspen Contracting will weather anything that comes our way.  

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Project Consultant

In Your Court – When you call Aspen Contracting for your free inspection and free quote, you will be assigned a Project Consultant. Project Consultants will be your guide for the entire process of your project. You won’t be passed around or have to figure out who to contact for what, when things are happening on your project.

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Production Team

We work with all building departments to ensure that all codes, permits and inspections become complete 100% correctly. Our team trains and becomes certified to handle all projects. They work with each municipality to ensure a smooth process and close out of the job.

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Aerial Measurements

Human error can be abundant when measuring roofs, siding and gutters. Aspen makes use of the newest technology, such as photographing measurements from the sky to ensure the greatest accuracy for every project, whether that be siding and gutters or a roof repair.

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Quality Work

All crews obtain certification by manufacturers and must go through Aspen Contracting training classes before they can begin work. All crews participate in continuous education and safety training on a weekly basis, to keep up our high demand of quality. Aspen uses the best products available and some proprietary, to use to ensure that all projects have the longevity that the customer expects. Quality Control checklists are complete before, during, and after each project.

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Aspen’s Ironclad warranty provides THE best warranty in the industry. This is a lifetime warranty on ALL labor and material. This is a covers everything, no question asked, no fine print, warranty for the length of the product. Warranty department is open and available 24/7 - 365.

Aspen’s underlayment material, on a customer’s roof

Innovative Products

Aspen’s synthetic underlayment provides greater protection than that of traditional underlayment's used by others in the industry. The underlayment is like the foundation of a house, without a good foundation the house or in this matter, the roof will fail. This proprietary material is 50 times stronger than the usual traditional underlayment's. Aspen makes house wraps, the best of its kind in the industry for moisture barrier behind siding. Underlayment’s can be of use in both in southern and northern climates.

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No Money Down

We start with our free quotes and inspection. No money down is our promise until the project is completed and you are satisfied.

Eco-Friendly Upgrades

Solar Shield Plywood – offers an aluminum radiant barrier on OSB to reduce heating and cooling losses through the attic.

Impact Resistant Shingles – specially constructed shingles, guaranteed to withstand 2" impact for a lifetime, reducing the need to use additional unnecessary energy and resources to replace the roof.

Power venting with auto controls or by heat recovery ventilation provide ideal roofing ventilation and home pressurization, to resist moisture and other home failures and to extend the lifetime of materials used in the home.

Solar Powered Vents – replace electric roof venting to function, using solar power to reduce energy needs.

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Environmentally Friendly

We are committed to doing the job right, from the beginning to the end. Not only right for the customer but for the environment as well. That means Aspen follows Eco-friendly practices to reduce, reuse and recycle. Aspen recycles old shingles, nails, gutters, aluminum and steel siding materials as a free service to customers, where available. Recycling these materials, helps reduce unnecessary waste in landfills.

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We Use Technology to Aid Accuracy and Speed

When Aspen Contracting estimates costs and orders supplies to restore your home, we use the latest technology for aerial measurement services. This concept of remote measuring by using aerial images to provide detailed measurements make this more accurate than any other method. Aspen employees all carry and use the latest version of iPad's.