Aspen Contracting specializes in working with insurance companies. We understand the insurance claim process and work diligently to restore the insured’s property in a timely manner. We strive to make recovering from storm damage as painless and easy as possible for both the insurance carrier and the property owner.


We understand that time is of the essence. Our team is equipped to schedule and perform inspections in a timely manner. We notify property owners within 24 hours of their inspection request and strive to complete the inspection with 48 hours of request.
We’re familiar with markets countrywide. No matter your geographic needs, our established offices and personnel are ready to take care of you.
We are pleased to provide “ladder assists” to property adjusters. We can provide access to any residential or commercial property
With experience and education in our background we can provide the expert opinion. We serve on several industry panels to advise on roofing, siding, gutter procedures and building processes.

Credentials / Technology

We provide a detailed damage report to simplify the claims process and help the homeowner understand the changes necessary to restoring their home. Reports are returned to insurance carriers within 24 hours of the inspection.
All inspectors are trained and certified in Aspen’s Hail and Wind Damage Assessment Guidelines and Procedures. Our inspectors are trained damage spotters and can effectively determine the difference between storm damage, manufacturer defects, installation defects and old age.
Aspen uses aerial CADs on all inspections. From there, we push all inspections through Xactimate or Symbility. We are committed to using the latest technology to keep up with the fast-paced industry. This ensures our customers and clients receive the most accurate, up-to-date assessments.


Aspen’s Damage Inspection Report documents the results of our inspection of the property by location, elevation, slopes, and more. We conduct an overview of the property, then we work our way counter-clockwise, starting at the front left-hand side. This report outlines all wind and hail damage on the property, identifying the types and conditions of materials which were found to be damaged, and not damaged by the recent storm activity. We use this checklist for each component of the property to ensure a complete exterior inspection. Any special concerns are noted on the report. We also gather other important information about the property, including property built date, age of exterior building components, weather condition on the day of the inspection, and more.
Our photographic report displays all elevations of the building and close-ups of both storm-related and non storm-related damaged components of the structure. It incorporates test squares, complete overviews of all elevations and slopes, and any other condition that the inspector feels necessary to be documented. These pictures are used to help illustrate damage or non-damage to the insurance carrier.
We utilize aerial CAD technology, a third party measuring system to provide a complete CAD report. This report ensures accuracy, as it is used for all roofing, siding and gutter measurements.

We provide a detailed estimate, using the appropriate and current database to estimate all repairs or replacements to the property. Specific insurance carrier rules are utilized on all estimates produced if necessary or viable. There are also notes used on all items that are code specific to the area.

Once the inspection is complete, all photos, the CAD report, estimates and damage checklist are uploaded in our system. This allows others access and the ability to review them.