Aspen Customer Testimonies

We understand choosing a contractor can be a stressful process. We want you to feel at ease with your decision and know that your satisfaction is our goal. We invite you to read some of our references below. We are also happy to provide you with a list of recent references near you! We also urge you to visit our BBB A+ rating and reviews.

June 17, 2016 Mr. William Shaulis Aspen Contracting Mr. Shaulis, As a result of the recent hail storm that “visited” Cary, North Carolina, the neighborhood was flooded with companies offering free estimates and there were also numerous phone calls. Of the half dozen or more who came to the door, Mary Morgan was literally the only individual who presented themselves professionally both in appearance and how she presented Aspen’s services. I never felt the pressure with Mary as I did with other contractors visiting the neighborhood in making a decision. Mary took as long as I needed to fully understand the process and what to expect each step of the way. From assisting with contacting my insurance carrier, choosing shingles, explaining the removal and replacement process to assisting with interpretation of the adjuster’s report and explaining options for replacing Gutter Guards, she was courteous and always asked if I had other questions. I simply wanted to briefly share my experience with Mary and commend her for her excellent customer service. If you have any questions or desire additional details, please do not hesitate to contact me. Definitely a very satisfied customer, Karen B.

Hi John, We really appreciated your hard work after that hail storm hit Lincoln in 2015. You were extremely thorough while assessing the damage to our property, taking pictures and documenting it. Besides just looking at our roof on our home you also found damage to our shed roof and spa cover. Which I didn’t notice myself nor did the insurance adjuster and any other the contractors. You did the negotiating with the insurance company which was very helpful. Our finished roof looks great. The crew finished quickly and cleaned up after themselves. We have nothing but good things to say about working with you and Aspen. Thank you again! Kirk and Jan B.

In this day and age, all your hear about are the negative things so I would like to take this time to thank the Aspen Contracting company for the nice job they did for me. It was a real pleasure to meet and work with Mike Haislip. He does everything in a very professional, timely manner and he does everything he says he is going to do. In this day and age most people can’t do the walk but they can do the talk, but Mike can do both. William M

To whom it May concern: I recently had the pleasure of working with Mike Jansen from Aspen Contracting. It was his hard work and dedication that helped us give our house the new roof it so desperately needed. He new right away while passing by our house that this was a job your company could take care of, and that he could help us work with the insurance company. I was skeptical at first, but he spoke so professionally and was very knowledgable about this business, that I decided to give him a chance. I am so happy that I took the chance. Mike and Emily were very knowledgable, and walked us through every step of the process. They were always available for questions and explained things very clearly. When the work was complete Mike made sure everything was done properly and fixed any issues. Everything was done in a timely fashion and we are very pleased with the final result. Thanks to Mike and Aspen. I hope we have the chance to refer friends to your company in the future. Sincerely, Laura B

To Whom It May Concern: After a significant hailstorm in our area, (Omaha, NE.) we were approached daily by phone, flyer and doorbell by representatives of various contractors. Jonathan Ringelspaugh introduced himself and your company at my front door. I was immediately taken with his quiet air of professionalism and an intangible “something” which just said he was a good guy. I checked the company’s BBB rating before making a commitment but took several days. He was patient and persistent without being a pest. He worked very well with our insurance adjustor. He was knowledgeable and informative. It was obvious that he wanted our business but he was never pushy. We felt that he did everything possible to see that we were as well served as possible after this event and went out of his way to assist us with our issues and called on his supervisor for complications. Our roof was replaced by a great crew—it took a little longer than anticipated because there was considerable replacement of the underlayment (?). Jonathan was consistent about overseeing the work, coming to the house whenever he said he would, explaining as we went along. Everything happened as we had been led to believe it would, cleanup was excellent and our many flower beds were intact. He brought his younger brother who he is training and both these young men are delightful and marvelous ambassadors for your company. We have already made a referral based on our interaction with Jonathan. He is definitely a keeper! Sincerely, Darla H. & Ed R. Omaha, NE

Dear Greg: I want to thank you for the craftsmanship that you and your crew performed on my home. They performed their work in a professional manner that is an asset to the construction industry. Greg, you stayed committed to the project, kept the project clean and was courteous and polite when questions were asked about the project. You conducted yourself in professional manner from the first meeting to project delivery and finalization. I would not hesitate to recommend you and Aspen Contracting, Inc to other home owners. Thanks again for the great work! Sincerely, Trunita L. Stockbridge, GA June 10th, 2013

Hi Pat, just wanted to tell you about my experience with your company. Like most people, no one really thinks about their roof till something happens. Well as I am sure you know this area had a major hail storm that literally beat up the houses in this area. One of the first people to make contact with me was Darren Marshall and his son. They explained in detail how your company works and about the shingle they wanted to put on the house. I was very impressed from the beginning but not having gone through this before I was leery. As roofers kept trying to sell me none really impressed me the way he did. He sold me on stressing customer service and I believed what he said. Now, saying that, my experience wasn’t totally smooth, however Darren was there at each hitch to make sure everything worked out. To explain somewhat further they delivered AR shingles and nor the IR AR shingles. He could have kept me in the dark and I would have never know the difference. Darren gave me the option of putting that shingle on or have it taken away and give me what he promised. I opted for the AR IR and it was here the next day. That integrity in business today is hard to find and it solidified your company with me. I have recanted that story to as many people who will listen. Darren has to be one of the most valuable assets to your company. You should be proud that he is representing your company in the manner he is. My roof is the best in the area and I know he will get more business by those who see mine and those who I tell them what a great guy he is and a great company you have. I had everyone here from your safety guy, QC, production manager, and of course Darren the day the roof went on. The roof was everything Darren said it would be and I could not be happier. Pat I would trust your company and Darren with anything with my house and I’m not easy to please. I just want to tell you all this so you know what is really going on in the field with your company and hope you value not only my contractor but my new friend Darren. I am impressed with your company and I hope to talk as many neighbors as I can into using your company. If I’m ever in KC or your ever in Omaha lets meet for a drink. I really appreciate the service your company and Darren has provided. After all it is all about customer service and my experience with that was incredible. Thanks so much Brad M. Omaha, NE

Mr. Nussbeck, I understand you are a principal in Aspen Contracting and want to express my thanks to Gary Arthur in the manner in which he handled my hail damage roof replacement. The job entailed a number of surprises which Gary handled with great professionalism and as a result, delivered an excellent completed piece of work. Additionally, he took over an Aspen problem account for one of my employees and made it right. As a result, I have recommended Aspen to other homeowners in my neighborhood and provided a very positive reference to my insurance company, USAA, for the good work your firm performed. Again, thank you. Regards. Mark C – O’Fallon, IL

Hello Daryl. As soon as we had the heavy hail storm I got on the phone with my contact at Aspen and told her that we would probably need her again. It was crazy how the next morning there was a flurry of roofing companies ringing my doorbell beginning at 7 a.m. By the time the 6th one had come by I put a note on my door that said, “Please do not solicit us for a new roof.” “We are using Aspen who did an incredible job for me 3 years ago when we had the last storm.” It worked. My point being, I did my research during the last storm and had multiple estimates (8 or 9). Why on Earth would I put myself through that banter again when I know I already have a company that took amazing care of me last time. From beginning to end Beth Malone was professional, polite, honest and let me highlight the honest part as being very important to me. She delivered on all of her promises and then some. I was beyond impressed. Beth was here throughout the entire process. Your crew cleaned up after themselves and they were amazing. Every step of the way, I was truly impressed. I had neighbors that had tarps on their roofs because jobs were left unfinished due to wrong materials being delivered. I had one neighbor have a guy fall off his roof and it was a nightmare. It was crazy how many of my neighbors were disappointed on the jobs that were done on their homes. When I tell you I have the nicest roof in the neighborhood and it is not an exaggeration and I got that roof hassle free. Too many people are quick to complain but not quick to compliment. I wanted to tell you that choosing your company again to do my roof will make me sleep better knowing I will have the best company helping me again. Thank you! Beth Ann P

To whom it may concern: I wanted to send a note of thanks and extend my family and I’s appreciation to Aspen Contracting for handling our roof and gutter replacement following the severe storms that hit our area a year ago today here in Knoxville. We had hail damage from the storms and after we had the insurance adjuster look over our property and send us a check, began scouting contractors to replace the roof and inspect the gutters. We talked to at least 3 other companies who gave us estimates close to one another on 25-year tile and we were told the same story time and again, “we can’t get to you until after winter”, or “we’re covered up”. We had all but given up on getting the roof done but happened upon a flyer for Aspen Contracting while dogsitting a neighbor’s home near ours. My wife called the number and Brian Gray handled us as quickly and as professionally as anyone I’ve ever dealt with. He had our roof replaced within a week, and the gutters were replaced a day later. Brian put our minds at ease as to the costs and even told us a few things we weren’t told by our insurance company. He was able to upgrade our roof to a 30-year tile for no additional charge because Aspen is a large buyer of supplies. We knew we had made the right choice with your company thanks to him. Another comment I wanted to make was about his honesty. When we were writing out our payment last night for the final amount to cover the adjusted costs, he realized he had miscalculated and overcharged us, forgetting to include the deductible in his final total. I’m certain many contractors would negate to tell us they erred in the homeowner’s favor, but he quickly realized his mistake and gave us the revised amount. This alone speaks volumes for the integrity of this company and we’re more than happy to recommend your company (and Brian) to anyone. Sincerely Greg and Jessie W. Knoxville, TN

Dear Mr. Ford, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Aspen roofing and siding installers for a great job well done. From the first day that Kevin Randlett knocked on our door to present us with the possibility of having our roof and siding replaced due to the microburst that hit our city, we weren’t sure if it was possible. Kevin was very knowledgeable, polite, and professional and assured us that the job would be completed in a timely matter. Kevin and Stephanie LaPlante were also helpful with coordinating paper work, documents for insurance company, job scheduling, etc. Kevin, Stephanie and Robert were pleasant on the phone and they did what was necessary to make the job go smoothly. Kevin told us that he was fortunate to have the roofing and siding crews as part of the Aspen team. We couldn’t agree more. The workers showed up at the job site on time and were professional hard working men. They were very polite and answered any concerns we had. From the demo to completion, we were very pleased with their work. You couldn’t even tell that our home was a work site after cleanup each day. We were amazed that the work was down in only 2 days. Thank you again to the entire Aspen team for all their hard work and for making our home look beautiful! Very truly yours, Kim – Springfield, MA

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for the excellent service we have received from Tracy Mangrum. Getting a new roof is a big decision, and a costly one. So we got bids from more than one company. Your bid was the highest, so normally we would not have selected Aspen. Tracy was what “tipped the scales” in your favor. From the day he came to bid the job, he impressed my husband and me. He was professional, and offered to be here when our insurance adjustor came out to review our claim. As your guys began the job of installing the roof, we mentioned to Tracy that there had been some water damage inside the house that was also covered by the insurance company. He offered to provide an inside crew to do that work, which saved me the hassle of having to find someone to do that. The roofing crew worked with incredible speed, and did an excellent job. At some point along the way, we mentioned to Tracy that leaves in our gutters were a real problem. He offered to show us Gutter Helmets, which, while expensive, will make life so much easier. Those are getting installed today. He even offered to work directly with the insurance company and our Mortgage Company, for payment of the portion of the job covered by insurance. At every step along the way, Tracy has communicated with me, via phone or e-mail. He has checked on the job regularly, to insure the work is being done to our satisfaction, and remedied any small issues. We have recommended your company to several neighbors, and I know Tracy has already bid one additional job as a result. I am in Sales, and Customer Service is the distinguishing factor for long-term success. Tracy’s Customer Service is the best I have seen in many years. If you have an award for Service Excellence, I nominate Tracy. We would be happy to be a reference for Aspen at any time. Thank you! Liz S. Kansas City

After a strong hail storm in Dayton in Ohio, I feared my roof may be damaged. When I searched Google for answers, Roofs by Aspen popped up and offered a FREE INSPECTION. I called and scheduled an appointment. A few days later Darrin Price met me and my insurance adjuster. Sure enough, I had damage. Darrin left me with step by step instructions for what to expect next. My roof was replaced within 2 weeks of my inspection. Many neighbors were jealous as they have had to wait for months. As a result, Aspen is now roofing 4 of my friends’ houses. Thanks Aspen and Darrin! A raving fan! Brian P. Springboro, OH

Dear City Church Partner, Thank you for the part you played in City Church’s Spring Family Fun Day. This year was the best year ever! We had a record attendance with food, games, and inflatables. It was fun for all. We were able to give away tons of prizes to children and families from our community because of your generosity. It would not have been possible without your contribution. Thank you again for helping to make this year’s community event a huge success. Sincerely, Jamie Kittle Marketing Director City Church Blue Springs, MO

We are honored to have teams of highly qualified, hard working people that share the vision to do the right thing through higher standards and integrity. We’ve posted a variety of feedback we’ve received from satisfied customers across the nation. To whom it may concern, We had your company put our roof on a couple of weeks ago, and the gentleman we dealt with from your company was Derrick Dionne. I just wanted to tell you he is an excellent employee that you have representing your company. He worked very hard to get our roof bought from our insurance company. During installation of the roof he went above and beyond to make sure it was done right. I would highly recommend him to anybody I know who needs a roof. He made the whole process go very smooth and enjoyable. He works very hard to get the job done right. My husband says he needs a raise. Thanks you for having such an excellent employee, Melany L.

To whom it may concern, I wanted to take this time to compliment Scott Keeler, project manager / re-leaf specialist, on the fine job he did with handling my hail damaged reroofing project. Scott is a very professional person and knowledgeable in his field. He was able to answer all my multiple questions along the way and never made me feel like I had any silly questions. He arrived shortly after the materials were delivered to make certain they all arrived. He kept me informed as to what to expect during the entire re-roofing process, and was on the job site 90-95% of the time to assisting either the crew or myself. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting him and having him assist me during this project. Sincerely, Karen K. Kansas City

Dear Sir, I would like to tell you about your Aspen Re-Leaf Specialist that came to my house on Friday, November 5th 2010. He came to the door asking if I had selected a company to replace my roof because of the hail storm of September 18th of this year. I said, I had called a company and they put my name put on their repair list, but it was been three weeks and I haven’t heard from them with a confirmation date. I told your specialist that I would call this company back Monday and if a date had not been selected, I would cancel with them and call you back. This company had not set a date so I cancelled and called the Re-Leaf Specialist back at the phone number that he had written on his business card. He said that he would be at my house on Monday the 8th at 4pm, and he was. After he inspected the roof for hail damage, we sat down at the kitchen table and he explained about his company. He then went over the Proposal Sheet and explained the scope and procedure that would be performed to install the new roof, such as tear off old shingles and tar paper down to plywood, inspect plywood, refelt with #30 grade tar paper, replace all new pipe flashing, seal around all vents, pipes and flashings, replace with 30 year shingles, along with a long list of other special instructions to be performed. (I thought, promises, promises. I’ll wait and be observant as work progresses). Thursday, 11th the insurance adjuster and your specialist came to an agreement that the roof needs to be replaced. I received a claim number from the adjuster. I signed the Aspen proposal and material order would be placed the next day. Friday, 12th Tim, from your company called and said the material would be delivered today, (and it was) and work would begin next Monday the 15th (and it did). Monday morning your specialist was out front along with the work crew to see if everything is ok. He said he would be out tomorrow to do a walk through and he would call me later to give me a time he could be there, (and he did). Tuesday afternoon he was back on the roof checking for any problems, later we did a walk around the yard and checked for debris. What impressed me the most was, when I was given a time and/or date when something would be preformed, it was done! I was never left out of the loop. I felt like a valued customer. As I went to and from the house running my errands, I never saw a worker standing around wondering, what should I do next? I’m very pleased with the new roof and the new seamless guttering. I would like to say that I’m very please with Nick Julo, Re-Leaf Specialist and his workers. Yours Truly, Eldon W. – Blue Springs, MO

Dear Sirs; After a recent hail storm Mr. Tom James, one of your relief specialists, stopped by and asked if we would like him to inspect our roof for hail damage. Being unaware that the possibility existed, we gave him permission to look at our roof. After Tom inspected our roof he came to us and told us that he had found hail damage and that we should contact our insurance carrier to see if he agreed. Our insurance carrier found excessive hail damage and told us that they would pay to replace the entire roof, including vents, valleys and have our air conditioner coils repaired. Our Executive Board received 4 bids to remove and replace our roof and not one of them could come close to what Tom was promising us. We awarded the bid to Aspen on a unanimous vote. Tom’s crew arrived the same day the materials arrived and started to work immediately. His crew worked in 90 degree plus temperatures for 12 hours each day stopping only for lunch. The crew worked through the heat of the day and cleaned up nails and debris each night. After 6 days the job was complete and Tom came back the next day and we walked the roof inspecting all aspects of the work. The job was flawless. Tom and his crew went above and beyond to deliver us a beautiful roof and delivered everything he had promised. Even our picky members commented what a beautiful job Aspen had done for us. Please accept our heart felt gratitude for all you have done for us. Sincerely, Tim Swartwood – Post 211 Adjutant

Dear L. C. I wanted to drop you a quick note to commend your company on the excellent residential roofing installation that you just completed on my private residence. The new Owens Corning Duration shingles look great and after several spring rains, I am relieved to say that our home is water tight above all other concerns. The professionalism in the application process was also very gratifying. The fact that the entire re-roof project was completed in 1 day impressed me. The clean-up after the job was excellent. Having been involved in the roofing industry as a 5th generation participant, I understand how much organization and teamwork that takes. Job well done! I look forward to sharing my experience with Aspen Contracting with our neighbors who need a new roof. I am sure they will be equally impressed. Sincerely yours, Craig S. Isaacson Vice President Business Development Derbigum Americas, Inc.

Dear Mr. Nussbeck, I recently had my roof replaced following Hurricane Ike. I want to thank you for the fine job done by your team, Project Managers Crystal Snow and James Gates, and the work team led by Helio. The workmanship appears great to my untrained eye; it performed flawlessly in a recent major rainstorm with high winds. The Project Managers were on site virtually continuously, and aware of all the activity and progress of the installers. I dealt principally with Crystal Snow, who kept me informed, answered all of my questions completely and professionally, and lent a great sense of security to me with her businesslike approach and easy manner. James appeared to be an excellent manager, offering advice when asked and allowing her unfettered initiative when appropriate. In my earlier days I managed large groups of people in a variety of scientific and technical projects. I quickly learned the importance of the front line managers to the success of my business, and equally quickly learned to recognize the qualities that made them effective and efficient in managing my projects. Crystal Snow is a unique blend of the technical knowledge of her business; the skill to communicate effectively at all levels from customer to workers: and the business sense to optimize the production flow. I expect that she is, and will continue to be, a great asset to your business. I am very impressed with what I believe is her business potential. I found it very pleasant to work with her. Your business model is very interesting; it certainly departs in important ways from the typical organizational schemes of other roofing and construction companies. I have no doubt that it will continue to succeed by providing a quality service that customers will be happy to endorse. Another of my neighbors today began a roof replacement by Aspen. Thank you for a very pleasant and successful contracting experience. Best wishes to you and your management teams. Sincerely, Tal W., Houston, TX

Rob Keleghan, Please accept our gratitude for doing a “job well done.” Jeff and I had hail damage on our roof and we had contacted two different companies in our area about getting an estimate to no avail. Rob Keleghan just so happened to be in our neighborhood and stopped by with information regarding Aspen Contracting Incorporated. We listened to his sound advice. Rob walked us through the process and explained how his company could do the best job re-roofing our home. We were so impressed with the professionalism and hard work Rob Keleghan and ASI did for us that we will recommend ASI to all our friends and family in the future to get a roof done on their home. ASI and Mr. Keleghan took the bull by the horns and they were able to get things done and done right the first time without any problems. We are very satisfied customers and will pass along the good word about ASI to everyone we know. Thank you for a professional job done in a timely manner and done right the first time with no extra phone calls or worry about when this project would be finished. ASI did it in one day, that’s right ONE day. Thank you again and we are proud of our new roof, it is beautiful! Jeff and Cindy J., Strasburg, CO

Mr. Nussbeck, it is with great pleasure that I write this letter to praise two of your employees, Chase Rosscher and Lary Hadley appeared at our home after a severe hail storm this past June, and on speaking with them we agreed to have your company make the necessary roof repairs. Their politeness and concern convinced us as to what was required to assure our roof would be repaired properly. They followed up with being available when we had questions, and their quick response convinced us we made the right decision. They presented themselves as really concerned about any doubts we had, and assured us the job would be done efficiently and timely, which it was. You should be proud of these men and the crew that did our roof. Thank you, George and Mickey C., Fishers, IN

Over the years I have worked with many companies, organizations, and the personnel associated with each. Many firms attest to putting clients first but few in today’s time truly deliver. In my experience with your company I wish to highlight a very satisfactory experience with the service and attention I received from Don Browning. Don exemplified the highest level of customer service. He went the “extra mile” to ensure that every component of the purchase, installation and follow-up experience was timely, of the highest quality and conducted with the utmost of professionalism. For Don, nothing less than 100% satisfaction was acceptable. As a customer I truly appreciated that type of attention to detail. James M., Katy, TX

I would like to express my appreciation for the re-roofing job Aspen Contracting Inc. did at my home. A hail storm had damaged the roof. I was not aware of, nor could I see, the damage, although advised by three roofing contractors working in my neighborhood. They gave me estimates (one verbal) and none went on my roof. It was a couple of days later that Dan Thifault, your local Project Manager, came by and talked with me. He was very knowledgeable, personable and professional. He immediately went up and carefully inspected the entire roof. He circled damaged areas with chalk, so I could see from the ground (using binoculars), and even took exceptional pictures for me. He then wrote up a proposal and contacted my insurance company. A couple of days later Dan inspected the roof with a senior insurance company appraiser and a few days later we received a check from the insurance company. Dan and his crew commenced and finished the job in just under two days. Dan made several roof inspections while work was in progress, giving the crew some instructions. I got the impression he could not have done a better job had it been his own home. He even had the crew re-do a couple of things he did not like. Once the crew had cleaned up and left, Dan made a final roof inspection, and made a point, several times, to inquire if I was satisfied. Wow! No muss, no fuss, no stress! I cannot overstate how pleasant and professional Dan conducted himself. How lucky your company is to have a representative of Dan’s caliber. Suffice to it say, the completion of this job left me very impressed and very satisfied. Just a great all-around experience. Dean T., Duluth, GA

My wife and I are very pleased with Aspen Contracting, Inc., and our representative Mike Haislip. After sustaining roof damage from a wind storm Aspen was first to respond and eager to assist us. Mike is a true professional who took the time to work around our schedules and answer all our questions to our satisfaction. Aspen was the clear choice for us after the exceptional customer service we received from Mike along with his strong knowledge and background in roofing. Mike made sure our work was done professionally and kept in constant contact with us during the entire process. We are very pleased with our new roof and thank Mike, the roofing crew, and Aspen Contracting for making this a pleasant experience for us. Jon B., Rootstown, OH

I want to thank Ken Koch and ASI Contracting for their assistance in the completion of repairs due to hail damage to my home earlier this spring. Ken was instrumental in working with Farmers Insurance for completion of needed repairs to my home, providing quality subcontractors and materials, and making sure all repairs were completed in a timely and quality workmanship manner. He is always pleasant and truly understands the meaning of superior customer service. In speaking with other neighbors, I have found that those not working with ASI have not fared as well. I feel very fortunate that Ken approached me as I was wandering about my yard that day and convinced me that ASI could help me. They certainly did and I am very appreciative for that. Thanks so much for your help. Now I know who to call if the storm comes again. Patty H., Plymouth, MN

I would highly recommend Mike Haislip, a sales representative of Aspen Contracting, Inc., to anyone in need of home repair. Mike has proven to me that not only is he professional at all times, but that the customer’s satisfaction is his main objective. My roof and spouting was recently damaged by hail and I contracted with Aspen for the repairs. I had a couple of issues with the work completed by the contracted crews and contacted Mike for resolution. He quickly and efficiently took care of both problems. Mike was in constant communication with me either in person or via phone during the entire process of my home repairs, which was most appreciated. I give Mike my highest recommendation. You should feel extremely proud to have him as a representative of your company. Jeffrey D., Canton, Ohio

Thank you for coming by this morning and going over the roof with us. Until I got up on the roof and could see the problems, I simply trusted the … inspector. After seeing the damage firsthand, I feel he really did not provide a service, but rather a disservice to us, by not revealing the extent of the damage to our roof. Again, Annie (Rosemiller), I appreciate your professionalism and the time you took to inspect and bring to our attention the current status of our composition roof. Tom H., Kemah, Texas

Just want to pass along my experience with your company following the recent hurricane in Texas. My wife and I, like most people, didn’t know all the “ins and outs” as to what should be done following the storm. We had contacted our insurance company and followed their recommendations, but it seemed like everyone you talked to had a different story. Our Farmer’s insurance adjustor was scheduled to come out on Sept. 30. My wife and I decided it would be a good idea to get an independent roof assessment prior. We had what I perceived to be minimal damage because there were some shingles missing and flipped up on my OLD roof. On Saturday, Sept. 27, I called a roofing company but had to leave a message as there was no answer. While I was cleaning debris in the front yard, I was approached by two Aspen agents, Tammy and Shane Taft. My first thought was skepticism because they had approached me rather than the other way around. After talking with Shane and Tammy, everything seemed to be honest and good, but I remained leery. I asked if an inspection could be done prior to the arrival of my adjustor, to which Shane confidently replied, “I can do it right now!” Shane completed the inspection while Tammy explained what Aspen would do for me. Shane told me I qualified for a new roof and educated me as to why. Although my shingles appeared to be lying flat, the bond had been broken during the storm. The next day I got a call from Tammy stating she had already been in touch with my adjustor and that she and Shane would be out to meet with the adjustor on Tuesday. On Tuesday, as promised, Shane and Tammy joined their supervisor, Larry Keller, and my adjustor on the roof. Initially, it sounded as though the adjustor was reluctant to approve the roof due to its age. Your people pointed out the recent damage, to which the adjustor replied, “I’m going to pay for the roof.” The very next day I came home to find Shane on my roof installing a tarp. He told me my roofing materials would be here on Friday. Due to in the forecast and the fact that my entire OLD roof would have to be torn off, the work didn’t start until Wednesday, Oct. 8. I was amazed at the speed and quality of work. Shane was in contact with me throughout the process and performing inspections. The whole job, including a very thorough clean-up, was completed in 1 ½ days. A neighbor who previously worked in the roofing business and re-roofed his own house a year earlier commented on what a good job had been done! Just the other day, a group of guys showed up at my house to fix a few minor things following Shane’s final inspection. I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve referred. I think there may be as many as nine friends and co-workers slated to get a new roof pending approval from their insurance companies. Time and again, the friends I’ve talked to were impressed by the knowledge, professionalism, personalities, and that the Aspen representatives were strong advocates for them. Suffice to say I couldn’t be happier with the way my friends and I have been treated by Shane and Tammy Taft and your company. What a great benefit to have an advocate on my side in these difficult and confusing times. I still have friends waiting on their insurance companies, but I’m working on them while the legend of Shane and Tammy Taft and Aspen is still growing. Having such support when in need is hard to put a price on. Congratulations on having such quality workers. Thanks so much, Joe V., Houston

In less than six months, Aspen Contracting has put two new roofs on our house and both times we worked with your project manager Tom Rowe. He is professional, and in a time when good customer service seems unimportant, Tom proved how important and appreciated it is. He represents Aspen very well. Hopefully we won’t need another new roof any time soon, but if we do we will come back to Aspen and that is because of Tom. Dana M., North Kansas City, MO

My husband, Ken, and I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the roof replacement ASI Contracting completed on our home. Specifically, we wanted to let you know what a great job Jerry Hoilien did for us. Jerry was so easy to work with, and understood how to work with our insurance company to ensure the whole process went smoothly. He was present while our roof was replaced, accessible to the roofers and to us in the event there were questions. And he was on site when the replacement was completed to be sure we were satisfied with the results. Our roof was replaced on schedule, the dumpster with the old roof was removed from our driveway as soon as the job was complete, and the roofing crew and Jerry did a great job of cleaning our yard up when they were finished. It was a great experience, and we have recommended ASI to our neighbors. Sincere thanks to ASI and Jerry! Pam and Ken N., Wayzata, MN

The purpose of this letter is to tell you how pleased my family and I are with one of your project managers, Jason Belford. Jason went above and beyond the call of duty with his attention to detail and his consistent follow-through on all the issues related to our roof. We selected Aspen Contracting Inc. to replace our roof based on Jason’s integrity and knowledge of roofing materials. We have enjoyed our experience with Jason and the roofing crew as well. The quality of the new roof was beyond our expectations. So we would like to thank Jason, the roofing crew and Aspen Contracting for making this a pleasant experience all the way around! Michael F., Independence, Mo

From the first time I met Joe Chevalier, he has been a professional. After having five other companies come out to give me an estimate on my roof, Joe was the only one who was helpful and knowledgeable about insurance. He was punctual, never late for an appointment, and always returned my calls within an hour. Joe was the only one that brought to my attention that the guttering and windows raps were also damaged. Joe informed me that he would contact my insurance and request a supplement to cover these items on my behalf. Having come from a professional background myself, and owning my own business, it was a pleasure to meet another professional who cared about his work and was conscientious. Joe is the type of person that is a pleasure to work with. (Joe is also the type of individual I looked for when I was hiring employees for my business.) I know you are just as proud to have an employee who cares about the company he represents and his work. Tom S., Independence, MO

To Pat Nussbeck: a special “thanks” to you for the personalized attention and time you took and spent with Mom and Dad. You made their roofing project totally and completely stress and worry-free for them. I really appreciate your kindness and professionalism more than you’ll ever know! Judee W., Independence, Mo

It was a wonderful pleasure having Aspen Contracting do the work on our home after the hail storm of March 15, 2008. Our representative, Trevor Stine, handled everything like a first-class professional. Trevor made sure the work was done professionally and in a timely manner. Our home looks practically new now that the work is completed. Now when guests come over to our home we hear, “Aspen did an excellent job on repairing your home.” We bless the Lord for you. Keep up the excellent work! Calvin and Cynthia M., Decatur, GA

I am not normally the type of person who takes the time to write a letter of recommendation, but in this case, how can I not? On Saturday, May 31, 2008, my home, which had been for sale for four months, was pelted with golf ball size hail. The roof was shot. The siding had holes in it and the aluminum gutters and fascias looked as if someone had beaten them with a hammer. The very next day we accepted an offer to sell our home with the contingency that all hail damage related to the storm be repaired prior to the closing. Sounds simple, right? WRONG. The closing was in just three-and-a-half weeks. We were terrified that this storm was going to ruin our chances to close on the sale. On Sunday, June 1, John Cass (our guardian angel) knocked on the door and assured us that he would take the stress away, work directly with our insurance company on our behalf, and most importantly he would get the work done before we closed on the sale. Long story short, he did not disappoint! In two-and-a-half weeks the siding was replaced and in three weeks the job was 100 percent complete. I am typing this recommendation two days before the closing. From start to finish, John stopped by the home to ensure the work was getting done professionally and on time. He would give me frequent updates and always returned my calls in a timely manner with specific answers to my questions. The workmanship was better than the original work in all respects. With that said, I would recommend John Cass and ASI Contracting to anybody that needs their hail damage repaired in a timely and professional manner. P.S. There are signs all over the neighborhood from at least ten different contractors and I can tell you that our home and my neighbor’s (who also used ASI) were the first two homes in the entire neighborhood to have our work completed. Our deepest thanks, Chris and Cristi H., Maple Grove, MN

ASI Contracting replaced the wood shake roof on my home as well as roofs on two rental properties. Everything was delivered as promised and I was very pleased with the timeliness and the cleanliness of the work. Mike Loschke, our project manager, told me how things were going to be, and they turned out exactly as he said. I have recommended Mike and ASI not only to my neighbors but to others as well. Steve M., St. Paul, MN

We at Blue Valley Baptist Church would like to thank Aspen Contracting for the work that was done on our church building. We would gladly recommend your company for the very good quality of work, for meeting the schedule we were given, and for the attentive job by your sales representatives. Mike Loschke and Tony Bolinger were both very helpful with locating the damage to our building, and overseeing the repair and replacement that was done. Again, we would recommend Aspen Contracting for both commercial work, as our church reflects, and for residential work on homes. Edward Mc., Overland Park, KS

I reside in Harmony Lakes Subdivision in Lithonia, Ga. I was referred to Aspen Contracting, Inc., by multiple homeowners within my community regarding the quality of work Aspen performed in my neighborhood. I spent two months after the initial storm damage to research all of the companies that were descending on my subdivision. I had the pleasure of meeting with Aspen project manager Neil Farr regarding possible hail damage to my home and ultimately decided to go with Aspen. My decision was made based on three factors: the quality of work performed, customer satisfaction and most importantly the level of professionalism and detail provided by Neil. I began to refer and encourage my neighbors to use Aspen Contracting primarily because of the exemplary client relations Neil has presented BEFORE my roofing was actually replaced. Sabrina R., Lithonia, GA

I wish to thank you for the very professional way in which you handled our hail damage claim. We were very pleased with the work that was done both inside and outside of the building at Mount Lebanon Baptist Church. Mr. Mike Davis was extremely helpful in keeping us informed on what expect concerning the job, when it would start, approximately when it would be done, and keeping in constant contact with me to see if I had any questions or concerns. I appreciated Mr. Davis’s professionalism. David Ruffin, Chairman of the Trustees Board

ASI Contracting was good– responsive, technically competent, and easy to work with. Our project manager, Mike Loschke, was great! He was all over it; he was responsive to our needs and really tried to help us. Mike was the crux of the project. I’ve already recommended him and ASI. Mike K., Saint Paul, MN

Last year I was gone overseas with the military while a large late summer storm went through the neighborhood I reside in. I arrived home after the storm and did not think to investigate my own home for storm damage. The following spring several homes in my area had ASI Contracting signs on their lawns. After inquiring about the nature of ASI’s business, I decided to call and have an estimate. Ken Koch came to my home, inspected my roof and siding and told me that I had hail damage to my siding, roof, fascia and gutters. Without his keen eye and careful observations, I would never have noticed such damage. He completely and honestly explained all aspects of the contracting process. He also helped me through the process of filing my insurance claim and meeting with representatives of the insurance company. One of the most beneficial services Ken provided was being present during an inspection by my insurance company. He found much of the same damage. However, Ken worked tirelessly to ensure I was given a fair settlement so that work could be completed on my home in a high quality manner. Reflecting back on my experience with Ken Koch and ASI Contracting, I can without hesitation say that I am a totally satisfied customer. Everything to the last detail happened exactly as Ken mentioned it would. I have since recommended him to my own family and other neighbors. Should I ever need such services again or know another who does, Ken and ASI Contracting will be the first I call. Chris H., St. Paul, MN

Our complex was hit with golf ball and bigger hail that caused major damage. We’ve got eight buildings with 16 apartments each, a Laundromat/pool house, two storage sheds and a mail shack. We were one of the first properties in Fort Smith that Aspen did and I’m so thrilled. Their workmanship was wonderful. They started and finished the job when they said they were going to and the crews worked in a professional manner. The Aspen project managers, Todd and Trent Rhyne, did a great job working with the insurance company and the supervision was wonderful. Aspen’s quick response helped prevent interior water damage that definitely would have occurred in this rainy, stormy spring. Last weekend, we had straight-line winds of 80 miles an hour and they didn’t ruffle one shingle! I would definitely recommend Aspen. Pat H., property manager, Fort Smith, Ark.

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the help Ken Koch gave us with our house. He did an awesome job dealing with our insurance and made everything so easy. We will surely recommend ASI Contracting to everyone. Thanks again for all you did. John & Cindy T., Lino Lakes, MN

After several other problems with contractors, we were very pleased with the whole experience provided by Aspen Contracting. Your crew got right to work as soon as they arrived and didn’t stop till the job was done the same day. They all acted in a very professional manner, cleaned up our yard beyond our expectations and even cleared out our gutters after they had finished. You even had a crewman come back the next day to inspect the work that met your high standards! That’s what I call class! The new roof looks fabulous and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. We highly recommend our salesman, Brad Williams, and Aspen to our neighbors and friends. Mark and Lori G., Cuyahoga Falls, OH

We wanted to send our sincere appreciation for the work done on our home. We appreciate the fact that when we were dissatisfied with some of the workmanship that was done, that it was quickly made right. Everything was done in an efficient timely manner. We were completely satisfied. We would also like to commend your sales representatives, Jerry and Julie Vaughn. They were helpful, patient and very considerate. It is these type people who you want to represent your business. They were a joy to work with. Michael and Delaine G, Villa Rica, GA

Thanks for the very nice-looking roof. The service was great and I would definitely recommend Aspen to others. Working with Jamie Dowler was great; he is a great salesman. James L., Kansas City, MO

We received a mailer from Aspen after a hailstorm in our area. Decided we’d best investigate any possible roof damage. Mike Loschke, wood shake specialist for ASI came to our residence promptly. After performing a thorough examination of our cedar shake roof, Mike suggested we arrange to have our insurance company’s adjuster meet him at our property. That consultation took place within a few days and everyone agreed that our roof needed replacement. We were relieved to have looked into the situation since damage was difficult to assess from our perspective. Having general contracted 3 homes ourselves, my husband & I understood the roofing process and the necessity for attention to the numerous details of our many valleyed steeply pitched 5052 square foot cedar roof. Mike answered every question thoroughly and with professionalism. The complete removal of our entire roof took one day. The full reroofing with heavy cedar shakes took one day. Granted, ASI sent a big crew of men who worked from sun-up to sun-down, but the job was completed to perfection so quickly we were amazed. And not one nail or piece of scrap was left on site. ASI’s crew was comprised of some of the hardest working men we have ever hired. We have recommended Mike and ASI to our friends and neighbors. Scott and Kate – St. Paul, MN

My husband and I contacted Aspen Contracting, Inc., to replace our two-story home’s siding, roof and gutters, due to hail damage. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail that I experienced with Aspen. I appreciated having someone who understood the process take over the process of dealing with our insurance company. Doug Houston was very professional and extremely easy to work with and I appreciated the worry-free impression he gave us from the start of our very large project. The workmen with Aspen on-site for the project were friendly and hard-working. I was amazed when they took off and replaced our roof in a single day! The work site was left clean at the end of each day and the finished project was without flaw. I would recommend Doug and Aspen Contracting to anyone considering a home improvement project and I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again. Linda F., Columbus, OH

(As an architect) having more than 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, I can appreciate the challenges of coordinating several trades, multiple companies, numerous individuals, concurrent projects and owners that expect a high level of attention, responsiveness, quality and value. When I hired Aspen Contracting for some work on my personal residence, I was delighted to find a company that provided those characteristics. Doug Houston and Jody Jordan, your project managers on the project, were available and attentive to our concerns; they delivered what they promised and accomplished the project within reasonable time periods… they did it with professionalism and timeliness. Thank you for a job well done. Roger, Columbus, OH

I’m very happy with Aspen. First of all, it was the people. Tim Nussbeck and Tom Rowe made me feel like they were working for me and their main concern was whether I’d be happy. The work that was done was perfect. My roof is beautiful and my siding was professionally done. The site was very clean after the workers left, almost like they’d never been there before. I was in awe. I’m happy to refer Aspen. Dwight C., Lithonia, GA

I’m ecstatic! My house is like a showcase now. The way the work was handled, with class and quality, has left me almost speechless. The customer service from Bill Combs was phenomenal. George K., Cumming, GA

Your sales person, Brandy Frisbee, made the process of replacing my roof easy. I didn’t have to deal with anything because she handled the details and really listened to my needs. The work was done well and the turn-around was amazing… the roofers even worked in the rain because they didn’t want to quit. Eric C. , Lithonia, GA

I can honestly say my experience (new roof and siding) was excellent. I was especially happy with how quickly everything was taken care of. Ken Koch was wonderful during the whole process and the workers were great! Rick T., Golden Valley, MN

Was really pleased with the service and follow-through. Randal M., Shoreview, MN

Customer service in this day and age seems to be the exception and not the rule. I feel fortunate to have come across Aspen Contracting and Bobby Copher through a recommendation. Bobby represented you well. I also know that good service can’t just be one person but has to be throughout an organization. Thanks for a great-looking roof. Jim D., Lenexa, KS

My neighbor referred me to Aspen Contracting and I’m so glad he did. I was very pleased with the process of replacing my roof. The salesman, Pat Nussbeck, was honest, sincere and very thorough in explaining the process. He even made recommendations to help me choose a color for my roof! The crew that installed my roof was clean, polite and didn’t use foul language. I’m 100 percent satisfied with Aspen. Laurel, Kansas City, MO

I am from a small town in Missouri. When a storm hit our community it devastated our homes. We began receiving several flyers from contractors wanting to repair our home. We were overwhelmed and did not know what contractor to choose. I checked with the Better Business Bureau and they recommended Aspen Contracting. I contacted Aspen and the same day a representative named Tim came to my home and took pictures of all our damage and we were amazed with his professionalism and the credibility of Aspen. Tim was a pleasure to work with. He walked us through the entire process and kept in contact with us as repairs were being made. I am very happy I chose Aspen and I would recommend them to everyone. Now all of my neighbors are going with Aspen because of a job well done. Thank You! John and Carrie, Springfield, MO

My wife and I wanted to take a moment to thank aspen for outstanding and reputable work. It was a pleasure doing business with Aspen and we are thrilled with our new roof and siding. It was a personable experience and the work was done within a few days. We appreciate the hard work and consistency of your company and I have recommended Aspen to all of our friends and neighbors. Greg W., Blaine, MN

I called Aspen to see if they could check my house for hail damage. Some of my neighbors had used Aspen and they were very pleased. They came out the same day. The gentleman I worked with helped me determine what type of roof was best for my house. The entire process was very simple and now my house looks amazing. Thank you for a job well done. Cindy, Raytown, MO

My husband and I spent several weeks searching for a qualified contractor to re-roof our home. Our main concern was the guarantee we would be given for repairs. Aspen not only guaranteed their work with warranties but they also followed through in a timely manner. We are excited at how well our roof looks and we are pleased with the communication we had with our Aspen rep. This was a quick and easy process and we would recommend Aspen to everyone. Judy S., Lee’s Summit, MO

Akron area for twenty-eight years. As some may be aware, we had a hail storm in our area on June 8, 2007. My insurance company has labeled the hail storm catastrophic. I was out of town on the Friday when the storm hit and therefore did not realize my roof had suffered damage. From the ground it looked fine to me since I did not know that hail could do such damage to a roof. After talking to several homeowners in the area I thought it would be best to have my roof checked over by a professional contractor. The contractor informed me that yes, my roof had suffered hail damage. I called my insurance company and an adjuster came out and got on the roof to survey and verify the damage. They tore off all the old shingles and replaced them with Owen’s Corning shingles. To sum this all up, do not wait; at least have your roof checked to determine if you had hail damage to your roof. I knocked on the doors of homeowners in Mogadore and Suffield area to ask them who did their roof and to see if they were satisfied. All of the homeowners who had Aspen Contracting do the work, had positive things to say. Julie C. Akron, OH

Your professionalism from the start proved we had chosen the right company for the work. With Aspen, this was the first time in a very long time that we felt our needs were met, our concerns were addressed and the finished product was above and beyond expectations. We were not going to buy on price and we felt that our home, our largest investment, was going to be worked on by true professionals that would follow through on their commitments and promises. Aspen did just that! Three of the most important things that we looked for: 1. Making sure we understood what type of work would be done on our home. Your company took the time to sit down with us and explain in detail the work to be done. 2. The second was understanding how to handle our claim with our insurance company. Aspen helped us through our first claim we made with our insurance company, what a relief that was. 3. Would someone be there to oversee the work? You were on sight during the installation of our new roof and made sure our home and yard was restored to it’s original condition. Much admiration goes to Aspen, the installers and the owner of the company! For that, I would be available if anyone would need a referral. Mary M., Kansas City, MO

Your company was recommended by my uncle who lives in Kansas City , Missouri. He is a retired contractor and owner of several residential rental properties. Our community experienced wide spread hail damage about three years ago and our roof sustained damage and needed replacement. We had arranged for another company who came to town and we even gave them a deposit. Unfortunately, the company skipped town without doing our roof and took our money with them! We were unable to hire another company because of the steep pitch on our roof. I contacted my uncle who recommended your company. We are very pleased. Your crew came promptly and completed the job in four days. They even came back to fix something that needed touch up and the crew foreman was very concerned that we were satisfied with the entire job. They even took down an old chimney and discarded the bricks. The entire crew was polite and efficient. I can say that I am 100 % satisfied. The job was done right, on time, and for the amount of money my insurance company paid on the claim. In fact, your company even worked with my insurance agent to have additional supplies purchased by the insurance company as these were needed. David and Brenda Elsbury, Hiawatha, Kansas

I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the work that was done on our home. ASI and Rod Scroggins could not have done a better job, nor been a better representative. Throughout, Rod was professional, knowledgeable, timely and friendly. I always had confidence that he knew what to do and would take care of things. I’m a manager too, and I know how great it feels to hear how well your employees have done. We just thought you should know! Deb and Mark, Minneapolis, MN

My wife and I moved into our new home and shortly thereafter a hailstorm hit our neighborhood. We chose Aspen to do our roof because the level of follow up and genuine concern you showed. You inspected and thoroughly explained our damage and what necessary work would be done. Your company was nothing short of phenomenal. Pat, thanks for all of your extra effort in making the process from start to finish go smooth and painless. You were very attentive to our needs and concerns and this was a very big deal to our family. I will always recommend your company as you have stood behind the work you promised which included some follow up work we had requested. Thank you for the wonderful work you did, our home looks beautiful! The great customer service you provided has now set the bar very high for anyone else that may do work on our home in the future. John Guiterrez, North Kansas City, Missouri

My sister and I chose Aspen Contracting to do the work on our home because they were very knowledgeable about the kind of storm damage that had occurred. They seemed genuinely interested in our interests and concerns. Travis from Aspen Contracting was extremely helpful in answering all of our questions. He was knowledgeable in bringing to our attention damage and repairs we were unaware of. Our confidence and trust in Travis made us feel the work was necessary, not someone trying to sell us an upgrade or unnecessary work. There was constant communication between Travis and us, and felt he answered almost every call we made to him. If he did not answer, our call was always immediately returned. The work was done (despite the roadblocks the insurance company put in front of us) in the timeframe promised and the clean up was very thorough. Working with Travis and Aspen Contracting made this challenging situation a lot easier to manage. Laurie Schubert, Ohio

I was so happy that Brian from Aspen talked me into a second opinion on my roof. The insurance adjuster came out and told me that we did not have hail damage following a recent hail storm. I had no choice but to believe him. Brian stopped into my BP station and we began talking about my roof. He told me and followed up with pictures that we did indeed have extensive damage to our roof. Our insurance agent called the insurance company so that Brian and the adjuster could meet and survey the damage for a second time. The adjuster commented after they survey the property together, “it must have been cloudy when I looked at the roof, because I failed to see all the damage”. The disturbing part about the adjusters story was that Brian from Aspen inspected the roof two hours after the adjuster, the weather was the same! Brian set up with the adjuster the amount to be paid. Brian scheduled our new roof for three days later. In one day we had a beautiful new roof. I thought our old shingles were nice until Aspen replaced them with the Duration shingle. Our home has never looked so beautiful. Thank you, Aspen, for having a caring and professional crew here to insure that the damage was acknowledged and repaired quickly and professionally. Had the damaged not been fixed we could have developed more serious problems down the road. Thanks to them our home is beautifully protected! Joan Tschida, Minnesota

On I found several roofing contractors. Aspen and a few others provided me with estimates, however Mike Loschke from Aspen was the one that stood out. I knew I had made the right decision going with Aspen. The work was done exactly as Mike had detailed out. Thank you for your time, hard work and the personal touch you gave me in helping me make the right decision regarding this investment for my home. K. Miller, Kansas

Following a recent hailstorm, we were approached by several roofing companies offering free inspections in our neighborhood. We met with 4 different companies and came down to a “tie” between Aspen Contracting and one of your competitors. We selected Aspen because of Nick Welle’s prompt response to my initial call. Not only did he call within 15 minutes of receiving my voicemail, he came out to do the inspection the very next day. While he was here, he spent at least 30-45 minutes on top of our roof. Two of the other companies never even went up on the roof but just walked around the house checking things out from the ground. Nick circled a lot of the damaged areas and took pictures for our insurance company. We’d also had a recent leak in our kitchen ceiling which was later determined to be caused from a wood rot issue around an upstairs window. Just to make sure the water wasn’t coming in from somewhere on the roof, Nick climbed up into our attic with a flashlight to check for signs of water there as well. He made it a point to be here as our representative when our insurance adjuster came out…again, on a moment’s notice. He was extremely accommodating to our busy schedules. Altogether, the roofers were here for 4-5 days, tearing off the old one and putting on the new one. Each day, Nick dropped by in the afternoon, making sure everybody was on task and addressing any concerns we might have. Despite the fact it was 100 degrees in the shade, progress on the roof went smoothly, and the surrounding areas were sufficiently cleaned up following each day’s work, with little or no debris spilling over into our neighbors’ yards. Our new roof looks exactly like our old one (minus the damaged areas), and we’re very happy customers. If you can find a house painter with the same level of customer service, please send him our way! Thanks again for a job well done! Mr. Garcia, Kansas