Signs You Need a New Roof

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You open your eyes Monday morning only to notice a new water stain on the ceiling, you think to yourself confused, “well that wasn’t there before”. It’s Monday, the last thing you want to think about is a problem happening to your home. The day goes passes upon pulling into the driveway after work; you see a few shingles are …

Roof with snow and ice on it

Safe Snow Removal Guide

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  ‘Tis the season for bright lights, holiday tunes and snow flurries. Depending on what part of the country you live in, snow flurries could pose a threat to your roof if they accumulate too quickly and are slow to melt. Your roof is your home’s first line of defense from the cold weather, so it’s important to ensure you’re …

A flashing kit in use on a roof

Learn the Lingo: Roof Flashing

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There are many elements within your roofing system that play a specific role in keeping you warm, safe and dry. When it comes to the latter, you can thank your flashing. Flashing provides your home with extra protection from water leaks, mold and moisture by directing water around vulnerable areas of your roof’s surface that intersect with its projections. We …


Reaching New Heights, The Healthy Way

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For many in the workforce, choosing between work, family, social activities and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a dilemma that’s all too familiar. More often than not, employees find themselves sacrificing their health to keep up with other important aspects of their lives. Fortunately, at Aspen, our employees are encouraged to put their health first, provided with multiple opportunities to …


The Aspen Standard: Meet Matt, Estimating Coordinator

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The National Accounts team is one of Aspen’s newest divisions. This hardworking team works with our commercial clients, and has brought Aspen great success and expansion since its inception. Matt works as the team’s Estimating Coordinator, providing bids and proposals for commercial jobs. A recent college graduate, Matt jumped in headfirst and has seen tremendous growth since joining Aspen. Find …


Reasons To Get Your Roof, Siding & Gutters Serviced Before Winter

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The leaves are turning our favorite warm colors and the wind’s getting a bit cooler. Not only is this the perfect time to grab a sweater and a cup of hot chocolate, but it’s also the perfect time to have your home’s exterior examined. There are several reasons to get your roof, siding and gutters serviced before winter. What’s worse …

Owens Corning shingle Onyx Black Shingles

The Best of Onyx Black

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Onyx Black   Here’s a shingle that commands attention, makes a strong impact and boosts curb appeal like no other. The boldness of Owens Corning shingle Onyx Black is one that can turn even the most mundane home exterior into a neighborhood showstopper. In a sea of grays and browns, this dark, vampy shingle stands out against the cookie cutter …