3 Tab vs Laminate Shingles

3-Tab vs. Laminate: Understanding the Difference

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The two most commonly used types of shingles are 3-Tab and Laminate. 3-Tab, commonly known as regular asphalt shingles, are flat and uniform in shape.  Laminated, oftentimes known as architectural shingles, are similar to asphalt shingles but come in different shapes and sizes with a heavier base mat. Due to its different sizes and shapes, it appears more dimensional than 3-Tab.  3-Tab shingles …

Science Behind The Shingles

Science Behind The Shingle

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Roofing shingles are the outcome of a long line of roofing innovation, beginning as early as the use of natural and organic material to create shelters in ancient times. Humans for centuries have used various natural materials found around them to shield themselves from the elements, such as dried grasses, palm leaves, or even clay and dirt. Over time we’ve gotten smarter, …

Roofing Safety Standards

The Safety Standard

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What’s one of the most important Aspen standards? Safety, of course!  Safety is our number one concern when we take on any job. We take extra measures so that our employees and our customers are not in harm’s way during the building or installation process. Take a look into our process:  Aspen Contracting is OSHA and EPA trained and certified. We take full …

Roofing Resolutions 2022

Roofing Resolutions

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New Year’s Resolutions are commonly announced but often not followed through. The Aspen team has put together an easy list of resolutions and goals to have for your home and your roof throughout the year. Don’t stress about working out every single day, set goals that are attainable and will keep your investment in great shape!  Get a free inspection from Aspen following …

FAQ’s for Property Exteriors

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We’re here to answer your burning questions! Updating and maintaining your properties exterior is a great investment that can greatly increase its value. Properly updating your building exterior can be an expensive and confusing process, Aspen Contracting is here to help answer all of your questions. We’ve compiled the most common question we receive from homeowners and commercial property owners below:  How do I …

5 Factors That Affect Your Commercial Roofs Lifespan

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As an owner of a commercial property, roof lifespan and longevity are important for the health of your building and your business as a whole. Without a properly functioning roof, you may find inventory damage within your building or a deterioration of your building as a whole. Avoid disaster by understanding the 5 main factors that affect the lifespan of your commercial roof on a daily basis. Understanding these factors …

Preparing Your Commercial Property for Winter

Preparing Your Commercial Property’s Exterior for Winter

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We at Aspen Contracting understand that snow and ice aren’t always a winter wonderland, truthfully winter weather can be a downright pain. We’re here to help you understand how to be prepared to winter weather and how to ensure that the exterior of your building or home is winter ready. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re properly …

Metal or Shingle Which is best

Metal or Shingle, Which is Better?

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Everyone is familiar with the classic asphalt shingle roof. It’s simple, cost-effective, and easily maintained; making it the most popular roofing material out there. It may be time to consider the second most popular roofing material, metal. A metal roof ensures better longevity and increased durability as compared to asphalt shingles. Below we’ll provide detail on both, the pros and …