Guttering is critical to effectively channel rainwater from the roof and through the system to keep from going into the wall, basements and crawl spaces, which can contribute to dampness, mold and foundation cracks. Installed properly, gutters act as a shield to minimize water infiltration from windows, doors and siding as well as preserve the topsoil.

Gutter installation involves calculating the water runoff during heavy rains, due to severe weather, and assessing the extent of leaves in the area to properly size the gutters. If a gutter is too small, water damage can occur when heavy rains and leaves overflow the gutters. Sizing gutters too big it will result in unnecessary costs. Guttering includes the labor, materials and necessary couplings, hangers and downspouts to complete the installation. 

Types of guttering

Aspen Contracting offers a wide variety of gutter systems. All the homeowner needs to do is specify the color, whether any downspout placements should be changed and whether a gutter guard or leaf guard system is desired. We inspect the fascia boards (the trim boards at the eaves) to determine if they are rotted and need to be replaced.

what an aluminum gutter looks like
what a copper gutter looks like
what steel gutters look like
what a leaf guard looks like