What makes a “LEADER” at Aspen?

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According to the National Roofing Contractor Association also known as the NRCA, there are five critical safety leadership skills. We believe that our employees in the field exude these skills in every way possible. From the first day of training, Aspen instills a sense of responsibility and leadership in every one of our of employees. FIVE CRITICAL SAFETY LEADERSHIP SKILLS ACCORDING TO …

Employee Spotlight: Christine Kipphut

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This week we wanted to start off with an employee spotlight. With Thanksgiving coming up soon we wanted to thank our project consultants and all of our employees out in the field. Aspen Contracting would not be the same, and we wouldn’t have as many happy customers if it wasn’t for all your hard work in the field.     …


The Aspen Standard: A Rewarding Career & Lifestyle

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A company rooted deeply in community with a mission to support others through the highest standards and the utmost integrity. Aspen Contracting is just that, a tree of strength, with branches that support our valued customers and our revered employees. Working for Aspen is more than just a job. It’s a career guaranteed to foster the growth of influence, fluidity, …