Employee Spotlight: Meet Jason Felts

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jas “Jason was great to work with. He can definitely talk the talk, but not in a sleazy salesman way. He was straightforward with how the money part would work, did a good job with the insurance adjuster to find everything possible, and was very responsive with all the scheduling. As a bonus, my dog liked him, and I trust …

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What is an Aspen Project Consultant?

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        Sometimes when people hear the words Project Consultant they have absolutely no idea what we are talking about. When you are not familiar with Aspens company or roofing it’s hard to know what all the titles mean. Here in this Aspen blog article, we go over what a project consultant is, what makes a good one, …

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Ask a Contractor: What’s the Aspen process?

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Want to know more about Aspen’s commitment to excellence? No better person to hear it from than one of our very own team members. Blake, Project Consultant weighs in on his unique Aspen process. What makes Aspen’s process unique? Blake: Once aspen has an agreement with a homeowner to do a project, their job finally starts! First, we want to ensure …