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Covers for Others winner


According to a 2013 study from the National Center for Healthy Housing, 35 million metropolitan homes in the United States contain one or more health and safety hazards. Five percent of these homes have unrepaired roofing problems. Homeownership isn’t always a walk in the park, and when repairs start to accumulate, it can be a burden for many homeowners. Aspen Contracting is working to eliminate this problem for Americans across the country, one roof at a time. Our Covers 4 Others (Covers for Others) program allows us to do just that.


winners of free roof


Covers 4 Others was established in 2015 with the mission to support the communities we live and work in. We saw a crucial need for roof repairs and wanted to contribute to solving this issue that burdens far too many homeowners and their families. We understand that the gift of home is one that is unmatched. Nothing provides peace of mind quite like the feeling of returning to a warm, safe, dry home after a long day. With the helping hands of hundreds of Americans, we’ve been able to provide this feeling for over 25 homeowners.


Each spring, we invite the public to nominate members of their community who they feel deserve a new roof. Past recipients have included military veterans, first responders, those who have experienced hardship, and underinsured homeowners. We select a final group of nominees and then invite the public to vote on the finalists. After voting, evaluations ensue and the final recipients are selected. On installation day, recipients enjoy a fun neighborhood bar-b-q with their friends, family and neighbors, a token of appreciation to show just how valued they are to their community.


winners of free roof



In 2017, we hope to continue this spirit of service, inspiring others to uplift and support one another in efforts to better their communities. Join us! We are accepting 2017 nominations May 1 – August 1. Votes may be submitted August 7 – September 6 and the winners will be announced September 11. Visit to learn more.


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