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The Aspen Standard: Meet BJ

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It was 10 years ago when BJ came to Aspen as a Project Consultant. Several roofs and a few positions later, he is now a General Manager, playing a significant role in Aspen’s increased success and national influence. We caught up with him to reflect on his 10 year journey with Aspen.


What does a typical day for you look like?

It starts with a strong cup of coffee while getting caught on the local, national and international news. I glance at my calendar and emails to make sure I don’t have anything that demands immediate attention. Once I’m at the office, if there are any reps or managers that need help with anything I’ll offer my assistance. Every morning I like to get a snap shot of what jobs are building and what service tickets are pending. I chat with the production manager and offer assistance or advice.

I review jobs daily if possible. I encourage my team to turn jobs as they are ready to be turned in daily. I review daily progress for each employee and offer advice or assistance when I recognize a struggle.


Describe your job and the culture at Aspen.

Considering my 9 years of construction prior to Aspen, now 10 years with Aspen and being a husband and a father to 6 children, some have called me a book of knowledge and a key to balancing work and life. There aren’t too many things I haven’t done or seen. or had to deal with. The typical upset customer, contractor, fellow employee can create an inevitable shift. We ultimately all try to do our best to end every interaction with a positive upbeat resolution. We are all like family and seem to end up spending any free time we have together doing whatever the local community has to offer us.


What is the most rewarding part of your role?

When I see someone achieve a goal, especially one they thought was lofty and hard to achieve. Not much more brings a warm feeling to my heart than seeing someone be able to pay off that loan or debt. Even more, knowing they hit their goals enables them to spend quality time at home.


How has Aspen helped you grow professionally and as a General Manager?

Aspen, and especially Pat, have had support, trust, understanding, knowledge and respect for me. My career has been truly cultivated around all the above. I’ve learned from all my mistakes and built off my successes. I have always been willing to listen and to learn from everyone around me within Aspen.



How would you say your role is influential in Aspen’s growth?

I think being on the ground with our team and being surrounded by the ever-evolving industry is a big part of why we can continue to be a leader in the industry. We can see first-hand what’s working and what’s not working and we’re able to communicate that back to NHQ, whom in return helps to implement new ideas to help us grow and be stronger together.


What can we find you doing when you’re not working at Aspen?

Any chance I get away from work I’m determined to spend that time with my wife and 6 children. They are my rock and the reason I do what I do. You may also catch me hitting some golf balls around or casting some lines to relieve some stress from time to time.


What does the Aspen difference mean to you?

To me it’s always being the leader in our industry. We pave the way by being the pioneer of what we do. From having the best qualified employees, best technology, best training to having a great support staff from NHQ. These key factors can make the difference between meeting the customer’s or homeowner’s needs or losing it to a competitor.

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