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Guttering is critical to properly and effectively channel rainwater from the roof through the system, to keep the water from going into a wall, basement or crawl spaces. Water leaking into these areas can contribute to the creation or excessive dampness, mold, and foundation cracks. In this Aspen blog article, we’ll give a glimpse into some steps you should take when cleaning your system.


When gutters are installed properly, they act as a shield to defend the home, minimizing water infiltration or leaking into windows, doors, and siding. Not only do the make and size of your gutter system matter when protecting your property but also the maintenance and upkeep of your gutter system.


Aspen recommends for a homeowner to clean the gutter system at least twice a year, if not more. An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure. Cleaning the gutters often helps prevent all of the situations stated earlier, as well as helps prevent ice dams from forming in the winter. During the cooler months, clogged gutters can freeze and unfreeze resulting leaks and the possibility of extensive damage.




ice dam

Example of an Ice Dam



“Gutting” to the Good Stuff



Gutter debris is most easily removable when they are slightly damp and pliable, but definitely not soggy or dried. When those conditions are perfect for you, try to follow the gutter guide below to clean your gutter system!

  1. Check the weather. Never work in unsafe conditions such as ice, wind, or rain.
  2. Wear safe and comfortable clothes and gloves, you’ll be dealing with dirty muck and climbing ladders.
  3. If you do not feel comfortable putting debris from the gutters in a bucket, spread a tarp where you think you will be cleaning gutters out. This allows for an easier cleanup.
  4. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Make sure that where the downspouts empty are clear of debris. That way when the water drains from the spout it will not spread as many leaves and gunk onto the ground.
  5. Set up the ladder, ask a friend or family member to secure the bottom of the ladder or bungee the ladder to better secure it.
  6. Using your hands, garden trowel, or another tool to clean gutters, pull the debris towards you and away from the drain outlet, and scoop out loose debris.
  7. When the debris and muck are all clear you can flush the gutter with water toward the drain outlet and check for proper flow out of the downspouts. A hose nozzle that has high pressure and has the ability to turn off and on works best for flushing. Flushing can involve mud so be careful not to get it all over your house and self.
  8. If the water does not drain as fast as it goes down the spout there is a clog. Try flushing the debris by snaking the running hose up the spout.
  9. Use your time while cleaning the gutters to inspect them. Make sure that there are no holes or dings, and that the system is still hanging correctly. Make sure it has not come loose from where it should be attached to the property.


So you still aren’t sold on cleaning your own gutters? You can always hire someone to do the job for you. To give you warning, the price range could be around $50-$250, depending on the size and height of your house.


Are your gutters absolutely beyond repair or cleaning? There’s no need to worry. Aspen offers a variety of gutters, including aluminum, steel, and copper, as well as gutter protection. Call Aspen today to have your gutters inspected! 877-784-ROOF


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