How a Healthy Roof Can Help Save Money on Utilities

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Opening utility bills can be very stressful in the summer and winter months. It can be hard to know how much to budget and it’s upsetting when you’re hit with a higher bill than expected. Having a roof with poor health can only add to the anxiety of utility bills. A roof with poor health is not doing your utilities any favors. Here are some reasons why keeping a roof healthy or installing a new roof can help save on utilities.

Poor underlayment

When a roof has a poor underlayment it can cause the roof to fail due to the lack of a proper moisture barrier. With a poor underlayment the wood beneath the shingles can be susceptible to water and moisture damage. By having a strong underlayment the moisture damage will be less likely to occur. As a result, you’re less likely to have to fight the humidity in the air by turning up your heat or air.

Poor insulation

Without proper insulation a roof might not be as efficient as possible. Insulation can save on energy costs by creating a barrier that helps control the temperature in the attic vs the living areas of a home. Insulation can be fixed at the time of a new roof install but new insulation can be put in at any time. Without proper insulation, air or heat can seep out of a home leading to the constant running of a thermostat, leading to high utility bills.

Poor Ventilation

A New Roof Can Save Money On Utilities

Without proper air recycling in the attic, it can become too hot or too cold, neither being good for utility bills. Too much heat from lack of ventilation can warp the roofing system’s decking and make the air conditioner work harder. Too much coolness in the attic can cause moisture to build up when the house heats up, leading to drips. Making sure a roof has just the right amount of venation is essential to help save on utility bills.

Not Energy Efficient or Wind Resistant Shingle

A New Roof Can Save Money On Utilities

Energy efficient shingles are made to be highly reflective. This shingle capability helps a home stay cooler in the summer by helping reduce temperatures in the attic. If the attic stays cooler the air conditioner will not have to work as hard, leading to cheaper utility bills. Shingles that are not tested for wind resistance can affect the efficiency of a roof, by letting the air in the attic seep out, causing the HVAC unit to run harder to maintain proper temperature. Check to see if your shingles are energy starrated and wind resistant.

Roof color

The color of a roof can affect the performance of a roofing system. A house located in a warmer region would want a light color roof that would not absorb so much heat from the sun. A house in a colder climate might want a darker colored roof to help attract more heat from the sun. Having a dark-colored roof in a warmer climate would make cooling off a roof or house much harder than cooling for a lighter colored roof. The heat would bake the inside of the attic space, taking a toll on the roofing deck.

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