Types of Roofs Aspen Contracting Installs

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    Many believe that a roof is just a roof; they are all the same and serve the same purpose. However, several different factors go into the construction of a roof. Don’t be fooled; all roofs are not made the same. In this blog, we highlight a few different roofs that we install for our customers. Aspen offers roofs with asphalt shingles, metal, title, as well as TPO, POV, and …

Special Projects Series: Article #1

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Children’s Mercy Home for Little Heroes   While some customers think Aspen Contracting only does residential repairs or replacements, that is far from true. Aspen actually works on many types of roofs, not only residential but also new construction as well. Our company loves participating in community projects every year and giving back whenever possible. Aspen employees go out of …

Roof Maintenance 101 

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Roof Maintenance 101    You wouldn’t assume that your dishwasher would properly wash your dishes without soap, or an old rusted bike would work without any grease… Then why would you assume that a dirty roof would protect your home? Most people assume that a roof is good to go after installing, but roof needs maintenance to perform properly. Here in this Aspen article, we go over the many different steps you can take to maintain your roof.  Pesky Overhangs:            …

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Covers For Others Program 2018

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C4O     Community Member: “You mean it’s free? There’s no catch?” Aspen Team Member: “Covers for Others is absolutely free.”   You cannot imagine the looks of disbelief you get when you tell people that your company gives away free roofs to people every year. With companies that only care about profits and tons of fake social media giveaways …

Why Aspen Only Uses the Best

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Aspen says that you should hire a reputable contractor because only a reputable contractor would use the best products. And that’s true. Aspen only uses the best products and product manufactures. Therefore, in this Aspen blog article, we go over a few products we use and why we consider them some of the best.       Underlayment: Aspens specially …

Roofing Stories: Horror Roof Disaster

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  Roofing Stories: Horror Roof Disaster Series: Blog #1     Potential Customer: “Why would I have you do my roof when myself or someone else could do it for cheaper?”   This. This is why.     THE ROOF: This poor roof was spotted in the Midwest this spring season when a project consultant was going around neighborhoods talking to …

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7 Reasons to Repair Your Roof before Selling Your Home

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Between searching for a listing agent, beefing up your cleaning schedule and deciding on a listing price, it’s needless to say that selling your home can be quite stressful. Being blindsided by major necessary repairs is the last thing you want as a seller. One of the most common issues that affect sellers is roof replacement.     Before listing …


Frequently Asked Questions for Exterior Work

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We’re here to answer some questions! Updating your home’s exterior features is a great investment. While doing so can increase the value of your home, it can also become quite an expense. With that being said, it makes sense to ask questions during your renovation process – lots of questions. (If you want to make sure you make the best …

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5 Home Issues to Look for this Winter

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Winter’s just a few weeks away! With all the tasks the holiday season brings on, it’s easy to forget about maintaining your home in the process. Haven’t thought about prepping your home for winter? Don’t fret! We’ve highlighted a few issues you should be gearing up for this winter. It’s not too late to do a bit of work to …