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What is an Aspen Project Consultant?

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Sometimes when people hear the words Project Consultant they have absolutely no idea what we are talking about. When you are not familiar with Aspens company or roofing it’s hard to know what all the titles mean. Here in this Aspen blog article, we go over what a project consultant is, what makes a good one, and why Aspen has the best.



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“Project consultants are responsible for working directly with homeowners and insurance companies. They perform roof inspections to help insurance adjusters determine property damage, scope repairs, bid and estimate jobs.  Project Consultants absolutely must oversee each project to the homeowner’s satisfaction as well as the collection of payment.”


What makes a good Project Consultant



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  • A great Project Consultant values their integrity, so they are always striving to be as kind and friendly as possible when working with customers


  • They have wonderful communication; they make sure that homeowners and property owners feel comfortable


  • A great Project Consultant understands that a customer is not just another sale. Roofing services are essential service that everyone needs to protect their life, family, and investment


  • They take great pride and value in the ability to monitor the progress and quality of a job.


  • An awesome Project Consultant is a self-starter, they can work independently but also on a team, ensuring that the job always gets done!


  • A great Project Consultant is driven by success. They move fast paced but absolutely have great attention to detail



Why we have the best



aspen university training

Aspen University Project Consultant Training













  • Aspen makes sure that all Project Consultants has exceptional training. We offer
    the Aspen University training program.


  • Aspen is licensed and insured in most states


  • Aspen Contracting Project Consultants not only cover residential services but also commercial services


  • Aspen’s Project Consultants make sure that they have great communication before after and during the project


  • Aspen ensures that there is a dedicated Project Consultant throughout the service project.


  • Aspens Project Consultants are backed by the Better Business Bureau, also known as the BBB


  • Aspen Contracting makes sure that all their Project Consultants know how to help their customers understand all the incentives they are able to receive and take advantage of when working with the Aspen company.




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Call Aspen today to have your roof inspected by our awesome project consultants! 877-784-ROOF or check out our residential services!

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