Commercial Quality Control

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When it comes to restoring your commercial property, we value quality, diligence, and transparency. Not only do we give our all during the job, but when all is said and done, we provide our clients with Quality Control Reports. These reports were created to give you peace of mind that each aspect of the job was completed safely and effectively. We know you’re busy doing things like actually running your business – so we provide the ultimate detailed report to show that even if you’re not on site, we’ve got you covered.


We walk you through the report by detailing problematic areas with photos. Our goal is to give as much photographic evidence as possible that the areas we targeted, in the beginning, were effectively taken care of. Vice President of National Accounts, Chris Walden likes to start with penetrations and valleys. “Penetrations and Valleys are first and foremost, due to the potential for water intrusion. Second to that would have to be ventilation. If the roof isn’t breathing properly, then premature failure is inevitable.”


When it comes to such a large investment, peace of mind is vital. Our Quality Control Report guarantees you that we’ve left your property 100% defect-free. Our production managers are the driving force behind these reports, taking time to ensure photographs and detailed notes are recorded.


In addition to providing in-depth details at the end of the process, we provide daily progress reports. Walden shares that “[Daily updates can include] how much material was removed and installed that day and the approximate timeline for completion.” Holding equal weight to the Quality Control Report, daily reports keep our processes transparent and thorough. You won’t have to guess what’s going on with your project because we’ll keep you updated each step of the way.

Choosing Aspen means choosing peace of mind. Ask your Aspen rep about our Quality Control Report today!

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