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According to Nationwide Insurance, about two out of every three homes in America are underinsured, some by 60% or more. In addition, many homeowners completely lack homeowner’s insurance and don’t have anything to fall back on in the event of a disaster. Not only can unresolved damage result in major financial loss, but the stress can spill over into other areas of life.


We created Covers 4 Others to alleviate that stress for homeowners in the form of a new roof. This year, our ‘blueprint for a better life’ theme reinforced the fact that quality of home can significantly shape one’s life.


After saving money to buy their first home, Jefferson City, Missouri family Heather and Joe G. were in for a shock when they learned they had foundation damage. They took out a major loan for the repair and then discovered roof damage that their insurance company wouldn’t cover.


Joe’s mom, Cindy received a new roof through Aspen Contracting and learned about our Covers 4 Others free roof program through her project consultant. As a result, she nominated the new parents to receive a new roof.


“Joe and Heather Gorman are the sweetest couple you will ever meet.  They met way back in second grade and were married on Valentine’s Day 2015! Joe is a special education teacher and Heather is a gym teacher helping to educate our community’s children and are always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. This hard working young family could certainly use the blessing of a new roof through this program.”


Thousands of votes later, Heather and Joe were chosen as one of eight recipients.



“[Receiving a free roof was a] huge financial relief. We were worried that the roof would have to go for years before we could repair it due to foundation bills and hospital bills from having our children,” said Heather.


Covers 4 Others was created in 2015 to give back to the communities we live and work in. We saw a crucial need for roof repairs and wanted to contribute to solving this issue that burdens far too many homeowners and their families. It was our mission to start from the top and ensure that a quality roof would help keep families, safe, dry and warm as they build the blocks to improve their lives.


Past recipients have included military veterans, first responders, those who have experienced hardship, and underinsured homeowners. We select a final group of nominees and then invite the public to vote on the finalists. After voting, evaluations ensue and the final recipients are selected. On installation day, recipients enjoy a fun neighborhood bar-b-q with their friends, family and neighbors, a token of appreciation to show just how valued they are to their community.



2019 projects were sponsored by manufacturers Maxfelt, IKO, CertainTeed, Owens Corning and Tamko, who donated roofing supplies to get the projects completed.


In addition to Heather and Joe, other 2019 winners included First Things First, an Arkansas City, Kansas-based drug recovery facility; historic Halltown Memorial Chapel, based in Halltown, West Virginia; Linda S. of Holden, Missouri, Richard K. of Tilton, Illinois; Sally & Gary A. of Kansas City, Missouri; Stephanie H. of Elmira, Michigan; Maria & Luis C. of Raleigh, North Carolina.



Halltown native Philip Braxton was thrilled when he learned that the chapel he serves as board chairman over had been selected as a winner. An African-American national historic landmark, the chapel was built stone by stone by local African-Americans in 1901.


“The Chapel Association did not have the resources required. We really needed community help in order to preserve this landmark,” said Braxton.



For small-town community leader Linda S., a new roof was a breath of fresh air. Linda’s daughter-in-law Jennifer nominated her to receive a new roof so she could come back to dry home after teaching knitting classes at the local library and weekly Bible studies at church.


“I can finally put away all the stuff I was using to protect my floors! It’s been such a lovely experience. My roof is beautiful. My crew, I enjoyed them so much. They have worked so hard in the cold and wet, trying to get things done to make sure I was taken care of and I appreciate that,” said Linda.


It’s the stories of each property owner and business that support our commitment to give back each year. Project consultant Jeremiah W. worked with winners Sally and Gary A. and finished the project feeling fulfilled.


“The feeling is hard to describe. I mean, it’s hard to hold back the tears when your customer is calling you and crying asking if it’s legit or a scam & when you confirm that it is indeed going to happen, the amount of speechless joy that runs through your body as you share all the emotions that your customer feels is just beyond overwhelming. My cup truly runs over when I’m apart of something so good.”


We’ve installed over 50 free roofs since 2015 and we’re proud to celebrate another successful year. Stay tuned for information on nominating your friends and neighbors next year!



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