5 Reason Why Your Commercial Roof May Be Leaking

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We all know that the weather plays a big role on the condition of your roof. The outside conditions from the freezing rain, snow, rain and wind can all take a toll on your commercial roof.  We have put together 5 things that you need to look out for that could be causing your commercial roof to leak. 

There are some obvious signs you need to look for and one is yellow or brown stains on your ceiling these are surefire signs of a leaky roof.  If you see water on the floor or dripping from the ceiling that’s obviously a sign. You may also have a strong odor if the tiles have molded or mildewed.

  1. Poor Drainage

All roofs need proper drainage. Poor drainage can lead to serious issues from leaks to structural damage. Standing water is a big issue with poor drainage systems and can cause internal leaks beneath your roof, as well as damage paint, corrode roofing material and allow pest build up in the stagnate water. Roofs need a proper drainage system to help remove moisture and debris.

2. Open Penetration

Roof penetrations include pipes, drains, and other components that protrude through the roof surface. Roof penetrations are highly susceptible to leaks. It is very important to examine HVAC units, conduits, vents, gas lines, rain collars, and pipe boots. If these things are not taking care of soon, they can cause major interior damage.

3. Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is made of aluminium or steel, but can still wear out over time.  The roof flashing protects some of the most vulnerable parts of your roof, so any damage to flashing is cause for concern. When flashing wears out, moisture is able to run inside to the roof seams. This poses an especially large problem during heavy rains. A full inspection of flashing is often needed to pinpoint the leak’s origin.

4. Damaged Membrane

The membrane is the actual surface that you walk on.  Damaged membranes happen in many ways, with the most common being foot traffic on the roof. Minimize the amount of foot traffic on your roof. Gravel that has been stepped on may get lodged into the membrane, resulting in damage.  Weather can also do a number on membranes roofs. Wind-carried debris and branches falling from overhanging trees may cause roof punctures. 

Damage like this can allow water to leak through the waterproof membrane and saturate the underlying insulation.

5. Aged Roof

Some things get better with time, but unfortunately that’s not the story with a Commercial Roof.  As strong and sturdy as they seem, roofs just don’t last forever. A typical commercial roof will hold up for about 15-20 years before it needs to be replaced. Proper care and maintenance can help ensure that it has a nice long life.

If you notice any of these things, the first thing you want to do is minimize interior damage by moving valuables away from the leak.  Check nearby areas to see if they are experiencing damage as well.  After that it is best to contact Aspen Contracting and allow us to do a full inspection of the roof, check your warranty and then proceed with an action plan to repair or replace your roof. 


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