Celebrating Women in Roofing

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National Women in Roofing is an organization that focuses on recruiting, networking, educating, and mentoring women in the roofing industry. Its core principles are to educate and support while providing career assistance to women across the nation. Aspen Contracting is a company that would be nowhere without its incredible female employee’s. When asked about the challenges of working at Aspen, Pre-Payroll Manager Julie Young said, “I think the hardest part for me is balancing my career vs family. Aspen is very demanding of my time, but they allow me a lot of freedom when it comes to my family. If kids get sick, then I either work from home or they come with me to work. If my son has a baseball game, then Aspen allows me to work around it. It’s a give and take relationship that’s evolved over time and it allows me to do what I love at work and also be a great mom to my kids.” The roofing industry and motherhood may seem like two things that wouldn’t mix, but we at Aspen work hard to put family first.

We caught up with Project Consultant, Christine Kipphut and asked her what inspires her to do her best. This is what she had to say, “Simply stated, being alive. Life is a gift not to be squandered on mediocrity. Every day you are given is a chance to do your best, which I think I do. OR I take a nap and wait for the next day… LOL.” Christine’s positive outlook on life is infectious through the whole company! We asked Christine about what’s something that she always makes time for and she remarked, “As silly as it may sound, a mani pedi. Yep, it’s true. It’s the only thing I do for myself. I manage to get my fingertips into my inspection photos so I can call it a necessary task.”

Misty Murrell, Office Support member, is another integral piece of the Aspen puzzle. Her attention to detail and dedication to our company is greatly admired and appreciated. Misty mentioned to us that roofing was not necessarily the industry that she was interested in, but at the time she really needed a job. She’s worked her way up from Customer Service Representative to Office Support through her craft and care in the industry. Misty’s expertise is a strong asset to our organization.

Women have always been an integral part of the roofing industry. From accounting, to office support, to being the one’s up on the roof doing the inspection, women in roofing get the job done, and oftentimes they get it done better.

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