Aspen Contracting: Spreading Love with the Parade of Hearts

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In a world often defined by its challenges and uncertainties, acts of kindness and generosity shine like beacons of hope. Recently, Aspen Contracting took a remarkable step towards spreading love and joy by becoming a heartwarming level sponsor of the Parade of Hearts in Kansas City. This sponsorship not only showcased our commitment to the community but also exemplified our dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of others. 


Parade of Hearts is a non-profit organization that brings one of the most unique public art experiences that celebrates our diversity, unites communities, and supports local nonprofits by placing beautifully designed hearts by local artists throughout the Kansas City region. 


In 2022, Parade of Hearts began as a one-time endeavor to support those most impacted by the pandemic and the unprecedented events of 2020 and 2021 but quickly grew into one of the strongest and revered regional public art events that the Kansas City region has seen in decades. This year, 101 hearts embarked on their public journey mid-April and will stay in their temporary location until mid-August. 


It’s an unprecedented opportunity to witness creativity in its purest form, with each heart telling a unique story and igniting imaginations. From whimsical designs to thought-provoking masterpieces, these hearts represent the diverse talents and boundless creativity of local artists, while inspiring, evoking imagination, and even educating while bringing together our heartland communities. 


Aspen Contracting’s participation in the Parade of Hearts went beyond financial support. We actively engaged in the activation day festivities, offering a range of activities and giveaway items that delighted attendees and added to the festive atmosphere. From face painting to live music, the event was a celebration of community spirit and togetherness, made possible by the generosity of sponsors like Aspen Contracting. 

Moreover, Aspen Contracting went the extra mile by volunteering to deliver and install the hearts around Kansas City. This hands-on involvement not only demonstrates our genuine dedication to the cause but also underscores our belief in the importance of grassroots community engagement. By lending our time and resources to the installation process, we were able to ensure that the Parade of Hearts could be enjoyed by all residents of Kansas City and welcome those visiting. 

But what exactly is the Parade of Hearts, and how can you enjoy it? The Parade of Hearts is more than just an art installation; it’s an invitation to experience the beauty and warmth of human connection. As you stroll through the streets of the Kansas City region, you’ll encounter these colorful hearts adorning parks, sidewalks, business and public spaces. Take a moment to pause and admire their intricate designs, each telling a unique story of love and resilience. Snap a photo or two to capture the moment and share it with friends and family to spread the message of diversity and community even further. 


For an even more immersive experience, download the Parade of Hearts app, view a map of all 101 heart locations and scan the QR code on each heart to learn more about the artists and provide insight into the meaning behind each heart and the stories of the artists who created them, offering a deeper appreciation for the artwork and the messages it conveys. 


Whether you’re a longtime resident of Kansas City or just visiting, the Parade of Hearts is an opportunity to connect with your community and celebrate the power of love to uplift and inspire. So take a stroll, soak in the beauty of the hearts around you, and let their message resonate in your heart long after the parade has ended. 


This year’s beneficiaries are Children’s Miracle Network, the cardiac program at The University of Kansas Health System, and The Family Conservancy.  These are truly one-of-a-kind pieces of art. After this year, the heart form on display will be retired and a new artform will debut in 2026, as Parade of Hearts takes a break in 2025. 


Aspen Contracting’s sponsorship of the Parade of Hearts embodies the spirit of compassion and generosity that defines a thriving community. By supporting initiatives like this, we not only contribute to the cultural vibrancy of Kansas City but also leave a lasting legacy of love and unity for future generations to cherish. Let us all take inspiration from their example and continue to spread love wherever we go. 


Learn more about Parade of Hearts at 


Lake Life by Miles Stewart 

“Lake Life” evokes memories of a reeling in a bass with a fishing rod and swapping stories with family while making the most of time in nature. The hope is that when visitors see the heart they remember their great memories of being at the lake.   

Sponsor: Aspen Contracting, Inc.  



Pat & Courtney Nussbeck, Owners of Aspen Contracting and lifelong Kansas City residents; they always enjoyed downtime at the local lakes in our area and were quickly drawn to selecting “Lake Life” for this summer’s parade route! 

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