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When considering a new roof, the value of customer service can be tossed to the side. It isn’t until the customer is ready to spend money to fix their roof that they start to consider what makes one roofing company better than another. Why should they pick that company? Are they even the best? Aspen Contracting customers consider us the best for many reasons, but we really strive for excellent customer service in our work.

A company can have good product and quality of work, but that doesn’t always reflect their customer service. Poor customer service can leave property owners unsatisfied and lead to a poor reputation. It is the contractor’s responsibility to communicate and coordinate project details, updates and post-project follow-ups with the customer. Contractors should be ready to explain the products and procedures before, during and after they take place. At Aspen Contracting, we know that anything can happen at any time of day, so we encourage our project consultants to establish clear communication channels with each customer.

Here are a few customers that had feedback regarding Aspen’s customer service.

“We reside in Harmony Lakes Subdivision in Lithonia, Ga. I was referred to Aspen Contracting, Inc., by multiple homeowners within my community regarding the quality of work Aspen performed in my neighborhood. I spent two months after the initial storm damage to research all of the companies that were descending on my subdivision. I had the pleasure of meeting our Aspen Contracting Project Consultant to discuss possible hail damage to my home and ultimately decided to go with Aspen. My decision was made based on three factors: the quality of work performed, customer satisfaction and most importantly the level of professionalism and detail provided by Neil. I began to refer and encourage my neighbors to use Aspen Contracting primarily because of the exemplary client relations our Project Consultant has presented BEFORE my roofing was actually replaced.”

“First I want to leave a five-star review for the customer service Aspen contracting provides. Our Project Consultant has come to our home to inspect for storm damage, and again to give me an estimate for repairs. He was very thorough and patient answering all my questions. I have all the faith in the world that this company is the right choice for our home.”

Aspen Contracting has always been focused on “Higher Standards and Integrity” for customer service since the beginning. We offer a 24-hour “Re-Leaf Program” for questions and emergencies (877-784-ROOF) and chat feature on the website homepage. Aspen Contracting strives to always be able to answer customer questions about service and employment on the web, over the phone, and in person. Aspen Contracting takes feedback very seriously and appreciates the time our customers put into their feedback for the company. You can also reach our customer service representatives by emailing [email protected]

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