The Safety Standard

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Commercial, Roofing

What’s one of the most important Aspen standards? Safety, of course! 

Safety is our number one concern when we take on any job. We take extra measures so that our employees and our customers are not in harm’s way during the building or installation process. Take a look into our process: 

Aspen Contracting is OSHA and EPA trained and certified. We take full responsibility of regularly informing our crews about all safety standards when working with various forms of equipment and materials. We have weekly safety meetings with crews to cover fall protection, ladder safety, anchor security and much more. Other topics covered include techniques regarding the safe transfer of materials to the roof and making sure entrance ways are clear of debris at all times so property owners can safely navigate their exterior. 

When it comes to equipment, our crews are thoroughly trained on protective gear. All builders wear harnesses that are in safe physical condition. Each person is tied to their own anchor point, which they secure to the roof using durable, heavy-duty ropes and clips. Crews thoroughly examine gear to make sure harnesses are tight, ropes are free of loose ends or frays, clips are working properly, and everything is in one piece. 

On days when the weather is not on our side, we stand prepared to bring jobs to a pause and maintain the safety of our crews as well as the property. On rainy days, our crews remain aware of lightning and refrain from roofing in hard rain. To combat the vulnerable position of the property, our crews spread tarps to cover the surface of the roof. If the weather is particularly hot during the summer months, we ensure crews take frequent, shaded breaks with access to plenty of water. Our crews are taught the warning signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke to be aware before a dangerous situation could arise. 

Safety is a core component at Aspen. It’s a standard that we take very seriously. We work to respect the health of our crews, our customers, and the well-being of their properties. 


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