Proactive Hurricane Roof Tips

Proactive Hurricane Roof Tips

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Hurricane season is heating up and we want you to be safe.  Now is the perfect time to go over precautions for hurricane weather.  According to NOAA, “on average, 10.1 named storms occur each season, with an average of 5.9 becoming hurricanes and 2.5 becoming major hurricanes”.

***If you or someone you know has experienced hurricane damage, know that Aspen Contracting can help. Our company works with residential and commercial insurance companies to create a strategy to replace or perform maintenance to any roofs, siding, and gutters. We have the ability to place temporary precautions for roofing to help keep damages at a minimum until a more permanent solution can be made. *** 

“Aspen Contracting’s post-hurricane response was amazing. My roof was fixed in just 3 weeks, including a delay from the insurance company” (Ken K.).

The typical hurricane season runs June 1st through November 30th every year. There are many factors one should take into consideration while preparing for possible hurricane weather. Here are a list of things you should consider to be proactive during hurricane season.

Proactive Tips

  • Making sure there is no deterioration of caulking around windows and doors will help prevent rain from coming in when the winds pick up.
  • Schedule a wind mitigation assessment to identify vulnerabilities. Call companies like Concierge Insurance Solutions for a list of recommended vendors in your area.
  • Make sure trees and shrubs are trimmed back. Work with a certified arborist to ensure all trees are healthy and stable.
  • In coastal areas, consider alternatives to gravel or stones for the driveway for the next time you re-landscape/re-hardscape. Additionally, use hearty native plants and mulch. Pebbles and stones can cause damage in high winds.
  • Install a back-up generator that can power air conditioning in your entire home, as well as critical electrical appliances and electronics (i.e. your alarm system). Have it maintained and tested under load on an annual basis. It is important to be able to air condition your entire house in the event water enters. Air conditioning can expedite the drying process if water enters and this can help prevent additional damage.

Make sure you have proper insurance

  • Ensure your Homeowners policy covers damages from Wind/Hail/Hurricanes. Some policies, especially in Florida, may exclude this coverage or apply a special deductible.
  • Obtain Flood and/or Excess Flood insurance depending on your flood zone, elevation, and value of your property. Most Homeowners insurance excludes damage from flooding.
  • Have a ready-to-go disaster kit. Although we hope you never are placed in a situation where you have to use these, it is always safe to be prepared. Your kit might look something like: First-aid supplies, medications, batteries, cash, a flashlight, non-perishable foods, water, and copies of your critical information and insurance. 

Practice your evacuation plan 

  • Understand the evacuation zone and exit route you must use, to take cover from the storm.  
  • Know the destination, have a printed copy of the map. 
  • Fill your gas tank and leave earlier than you think you need too. 
  • Make sure to make reservations for you and your family to stay, pets too! 
  • Bring all important paperwork and photos for your family and property.  
  • Make sure the plan and communication are strong between all your family and friends, and that all stay informed. 

Protect your home 

  • Reinforce doors, windows, and garage doors with storm shutters or plywood
  • Make sure all water drains are unclogged and free of debris to help shield your home from water damage
  • Trim or remove any tree branches near your home 
  • Move items from floor level to a higher place to protect from water damage 
  • Shut off the power to your house to help protect against any power surges.

Aspen Contracting hopes you stay safe through any weather-related situation you experience, always know that Aspen Contracting is here to help! Don’t believe us? Check out some of our hurricane-related reviews, like this one!

“Love our beautiful new roof for me, my friends and family. Our project consultant was there for us 110%. Damage from Hurricane Harvey, Victoria TX we had a full roof replacement. We got Duration High Definition shingles in Estate Gray.” (Connie J.) 

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