Horror Roof Disaster Series: Blog #3

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When going through the process of purchasing a home it is typical and usually required to have the home and roof inspected. It is always important to do your due diligence when investing your money, to make sure it does not “rot away”. In this blog, we will cover our third installment of “horror roofs”. This house was purchased several …

Vent system

Moisture Problems and External Ventilation

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While Aspen does not perform interior work, informing customers about the causes and effects of moisture in a roofing system can help costumers with expectations of coverages for warranties. There are plenty of reasons why moisture can occur in your roofing system, but when moisture problems are related to exterior ventilation Aspen can help. A recent Aspen customer believed he had a leak. Warm air and moisture from his in-home humidifier were gathering in his attic, which began to form condensation on the Oriented Strand …