Common Questions in the Roofing Industry

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Installing a new roof can be a first for many homeowners. At Aspen, we frequently get repeat roofing-related questions from homeowners, and we pride ourselves in providing answers and solutions. Check out a list of our most common roofing questions:

1. How long will my roof install take?

Aspen Contracting always gives 100% when it comes to any work we do. Typically, most roofs can be installed in a day. However, that is not always the case. Smaller houses can take 1-2 days, while a house with larger roofs can take 2-4. There are other factors that can come in between completion time such as weather and permits. We try to complete our work as fast as possible while keeping integrity in the quality.

2. Are all materials for the roof the same cost? (Shingle, metal, tile)

In short, no, not all roofing materials will cost the same. Shingles can actually be the least expensive. While shingles can be the most convenient, some roofing materials work better in different climates. The past few years have given a rise to the popularity of metal roofs. These roofs can cost upwards of 3x the amount of shingle materials. Good news is, we have a lifetime warranty that covers your roof, no matter what.

3. Who will perform the work on my property?

Our Project Consultants work with you to oversee the paperwork and the roofing material selection for your home. They are also on site at the time of the build. As far as the roof installation process, we hire crews that are covered by their insurance as well as Aspen’s to complete the manual work. All our crews are highly trained and complete all work with integrity. We take the best precautions to make sure safety regulation and rules are followed at all times.

4. Do I or any other family members need to be home?

No one is required to stay at home at the time of the installation or repair. Our crew might ask you to remove any vehicles from the driveway to make the process go faster and avoid any vehicle damage. Our Project Consultant will oversee the project that day, so there will be no worries about having to stay home.

5. Why are you different than other roofing companies?

There is no one reason why we are the best, but there are many reasons. Our company believes in hard work and integrity. We do the best we can to find the answers and to always make the customer happy. We believe in providing services that will last a lifetime and are covered our lifetime Ironclad Warranty. We always strive for the best satisfaction, so we provide free inspections and absolutely never take any money up front.

As always feel free to give us a call 877-784-ROOF and keep up with our website and social media to answer any other questions you might have. If you liked this article, please feel free to check out similar articles.

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